Monday, November 5, 2012

Client Photos - A fun way to announce your pregnancy!

Consider this fun way to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends!  Becky of Dancing Willow Photography used our printable preppy nautical banner to announce the upcoming arrival of her baby boy!    

It's A Boy Banner, announce pregnancy, photo, preppy, nautical, baby

It's A Boy Banner, announce pregnancy, photo, preppy, nautical, baby

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trista Sutter's 5th Birthday Party for Max

I am so excited to share some photos from Trista Sutter's birthday party she recently threw for her son, Max, who turned five!  Trista contacted me a week before the party needing to quickly pull a few details together in the midst of a busy summer!  I provided the table signs shown in the photos as well as favor tags and a welcome sign.

I was not surprised to find that Trista was a pleasure to work with - very kind and humble - at one point she wrote (which made me laugh!): "God bless you for working so hard on this.  Thank you. I'm kinda a perfectionist, but I hope you understand.  If it's too much, just tell me to piss off.  :)"   

Enjoy the cute details of Max's birthday party that any five year old boy would be excited to have!

Photography by  Cara Leonard Photography  

Photography by  Cara Leonard Photography 

Photography by  Cara Leonard Photography 

Photography by  Cara Leonard Photography 

I was happy to receive a nice testimonial from Trista: "In prepping for Max's 5th birthday party, I realized I wanted cute table labels and favor tags that would tie everything together.  Wendy was not only willing to work on a tight deadline, but fulfill all of my detailed requests and I couldn't have been more pleased with the result!!!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Party Decor Trend - Printable Backdrop Costs

As I mentioned in my previous post, custom printable backdrops are popping up all over the place in high style parties!  In this post I will focus on how much you can expect to spend for designing and printing one for your next party!


Custom-designed backdrops (designed from scratch to meet your specs) typically start at $65 and can range to the low $100s when ordering from my shop.  Pre-made designs can be purchased for considerably less, currently in my shop for $10 to $15.  When purchasing backdrop designs, the most important thing is to make sure you have a high resolution file so that the printed product does not appear grainy.  I recommend a minimum of 300 pixels per inch at the actual size.


Printing services at stores such as Office DepotStaples, and Office Max vary by location.  For instance, in Murfreesboro, TN the maximum width they will print in store is 24".  However, Staples will outsource the printing for a hefty fee of ~$140 for a foam core mounted 36" x 36" print.

If you are lucky enough to have these stores provide large format printing in your area, you can expect to pay approximately $40 for a 36" x 36" poster on glossy paper (pricing from a New Jersey store).   This is a rolled poster and not applied to any sort of foam core.  You could save some money by purchasing your own foam core and spray adhesive and assembling it on your own.  There are also some cheaper paper options to choose from.

These stores prefer to work with pdf files uploaded to their website or emailed directly to your local store (you will have to call and ask them for the email address).

Another affordable option is to have it printed as a custom vinyl banner at an online shop such as  I have not used this online store but a client has and recommends it.  I will be doing a test print and will let you know how it turns out!  The website is not easy to navigate but if you can figure it out you will be rewarded with great savings!  A 36" x 36" vinyl poster is $15.21 + $9.95 ground shipping.
A 72" x 36" vinyl poster is $30.42 + $9.95 ground shipping.  They also print step and repeat backdrops like you see in Hollywood! You provide the image and they will take care of the step and repeat layout.

If you're in Australia:
Officeworks is highly recommended and approximate rates for a rolled up poster on bond paper are $50 for 2 meter x 1 meter and $38 for A0 Size.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions about custom backdrops and they will be less intimidating to use.  You can spend a lot of money or go the more affordable route, but either way, you are sure to make a stunning statement!

Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by Little Big Company

Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by The Couture Candy Buffet Company

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Party Decor Trend - Custom Printable Backdrops

Custom printable backdrops are popping up all over the party world lately!  They are most commonly used as a backer for dessert tables - but can be used in many creative ways.  This is a nice way for the party planner to pay a little extra money for the graphic designer to take on extra work in order to ease the long "to-do" list required when pulling a gorgeous party together.  Here are some examples of printable backdrops in use:

1.  Dessert table backer and focal point:       2.  Welcome sign focal point on an easel:

baptism, birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, The Sweet Society
Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by The Sweet Society
birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, glam, welcome sign, Little Big Company
Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by
Little Big Company
3.  Hanging backdrop at activity table - draws the eye in and defines the space:

birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, fanciful events
Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by Fanciful Events
4. As a small portion of a large backdrop:
prom, birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, wedding, Party Patisserie
Design by Lillian Kate, styling by Party Patisserie
5.  As a huge focal point backdrop running the full length of a wedding dessert table:
baptism, wedding, birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, The Little Big Company
Design by Lillian Kate, styling by Little Big Company
6.  Another huge backdrop to set the scene but not used as a focal point.
baptism, birthday, party, dessert table, printable, green beansie ink, Little Big Company
Design by Green Beansie Ink, styling by Little Big Company

Stay tuned for my next post discussing pricing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Printable Freebies!

Happy Fourth of July! Wow, what a busy year it has been, it's hard to believe the year is more than halfway over already!! Time flies when you're having fun! As a thank you to all of my wonderful customers, I would love to share some nautical, patriotic freebies with you!!

 First, a Welcome sign:
Drink Wraps
and cupcake toppers! (compatible with a 2" punch)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NYC and Dreamers Into Doers Event

I recently spent four days in NYC for a Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers event combined with a mini trip to catch up with a friend! Here are some of the highlights!

First stop, The Martha Stewart Show, Episode: Savory Springtime Dishes with chef Stephanie Izard!

It's always neat to see how different the studios are in real life compared to what you see on TV!

Brief Q and A with Martha. She had to run because her second grandson had been born the previous night!

The remainder of the two days were filled with various small business oriented speakers while seated at beautifully adorned tables, eating delicious food and chatting with new friends!

Shana with Pinwhirls, Lindsay of Easy Made Invitations, Debbie of Party Patisserie and me!

I was also so excited to meet my friend, Sarah of Dreamers Joy Events!

After hours, I posed with Cookie Monster,

visited the Today Show

saw Anything Goes

shopped in Times Square,

Observed a man dressed up as a cupcake,

spent time with my friend,

then returned home to my sweeties

I had a blast, and my husband did such a great job with the kids that I think I another business trip is in order for next year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Printables!! Valentine's Day Cards

I created some cute Valentines for my daughter to use for school and thought you might like them too! They coordinate with our cupcake party collection! Access the printable, letter size sheet here. They are 3 1/2" x 5" slightly larger than usual - my beginning writer has trouble squeezing her letters on to the little cards!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Green Beansie Ink heads to NYC!

As many of you know, Green Beansie Ink (aka me) is part of a social networking community (similar to Facebook) created by Martha Stewart, called Dreamers Into Doers. I joined this group In February of 2011 and have met some wonderfully talented ladies, including my friend, Sarah DeJesus of Dreamers Joy Events & Design whom I have the pleasure of working with regularly!

My favorite feature of the site is reading about others who have started their little businesses from home, some while staying home with the kids like myself, reading about their challenges, successes, etc. On a whim, I included my shop name on the list to be considered for a Doer of the Week feature. Much to my surprise I was chosen this past August and shared my story with other readers! When they contacted me to fill out the questionnaire, I did so and thought that it must be part of a screening process and that I wasn't really chosen. Then one morning I woke up (bleary eyed from being up with my newborn) to a congratulatory email from Sarah who had seen my feature!!

Long story short, when Dreamers Into Doers announced an opportunity to visit the Martha Stewart Living Headquarters for a conference, networking, meet Martha and attend a taping of the Martha show, I jumped at the opportunity and entered the lottery and won a ticket! (See last year's event here.)

I must admit, I'm jumping up and down excited but a tad nervous to mingle with all of these hip, talented party planners, designers, MARTHA, business owners, etc. I'm just a mom who likes to create pretty designs! For the next two months I will be stressing about how to update my wardrobe according to 21st century standards (without spending any money), creating business cards, and finalizing childcare arrangements and trip plans! Stay tuned for my post-Martha Stewart conference update!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Download! Printable Inspirational To Do List!

Access download here

I just finished reading the "Martha Rules" book. One thing she says she does is start every day with a to-do list. I used to do this but have fallen out of the habit. This led me to the idea to create my own printable to-do list with inspirational quotes about anti-procrastination and achieving success!

My favorite quote I found is by Mark Twain: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

I love this!! This inspires me to take action, put myself out there, and I of course love the nautical reference...reminds me of my dream to beside the ocean someday.

I'm sharing my printable to-do list with you lovely readers so that you can be inspired daily as well! Three letter size sheets are included with six different inspirational quotes. Just download, print multiple copies, cut on the lines and staple them together to create your own to-do notepad!

See the preview below!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Look and Name! Green Beansie Ink!

Old Logo:

New Logo:

I'm excited to share our new look and name!! As I approach a year in business, I've been thinking about where to take the shop - what do I enjoy most, what is most profitable, etc. I started my Etsy shop focusing on birth announcements and holiday cards and did not learn of "party printables" until a few months later. My "hobby" shop quickly grew in a new direction into a party business! I have had a blast creating the many party schemes floating around in my head, and bringing to life the idea of many talented event planners and fellow moms throwing parties! Therefore, as I had a break over Christmas, I decided to develop a new look and name. I have dropped "Cards" and replaced it with "Ink" to broaden the shop name. I have also changed my logo which offers a better peek at my simple and elegant design style.

As I think of the new year ahead of us, I'm giddy with hope and excitement about all of the potential, possibilities and new projects I'll be working on. My husband asked me yesterday, how do you find the drive to work when you're at home? My response, I just want to! This is what I do for myself, what I love, what inspires me and what keeps me excited about life! (Okay, my two precious girls and wonderful hubby might also have something to do with that too...) I love the creative design outlet, the challenge of one day competing with the "party printable leaders" and the daily interaction with so many wonderful clients and collaborators.

Thank you to all who have made this a really great year for me!

Here's to 2012 and all of the exciting challenges ahead of us!
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